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Ventilation tube development has made considerable progress, technology is maturing
2016/10/13 阅读次数:[1795]

China's economic development has entered the industrialization of the late, the traditional high-energy consumption, high pollution, the production model has been unable to meet the requirements of sustainable development, energy-saving emission reduction is the inevitable choice of China's economic development, environmental protection industry is the original driving force. From foreign experience, the Government's attention to environmental protection and large-scale investment generally occurred in the late industrialization. This stage of economic development has entered a stable stage, improve the quality of life of residents and improve the environment become the focus of attention.
China's environmental protection industry after 30 years of development, has made considerable progress. With the national environmental protection efforts continue to increase and environmental protection industry policy is maturing, China's environmental protection industry has been from the early to "waste management", including the development of environmental protection products, environmental infrastructure, environmental services, environment-friendly products, Resources, recycling and other fields of the relatively complete industrial system.
Ventilation ducts are ancillary to buildings, and few have studied it. With the increase in duct function, ventilation pipes have not only ventilation requirements, but also with fire, energy saving, environmental protection, easy to clean and other functions. Ventilation ducts in China began in the 40s of last century. In the textile industry, in order to improve the quality of spinning and weaving, to make the workshop to maintain the set temperature and humidity, delivery is a specific temperature and temperature of the air pipe was called the air duct. The first time with the production of wood duct, then switch to metal.
80s of last century, there have been glass fiber reinforced polyester duct. Glass fiber polyester air duct for organic materials, water vapor corrosion resistance does not rust, to solve the galvanized iron pipe rust, the shortcomings of life is not long, widely used in textile factories.
As the glass fiber polyester duct is combustible material, once the short-circuit fire or accidental fire, the polyester duct will be ignited, will soon spread to the various workshops, causing a fire. The air quality within the building began to be more people's attention.

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