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Energy saving and environmental protection as a new trend in the development of HVAC industry
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China as an important production base of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and consumer markets, product categories cover all areas, both the production or use are beginning to take full account of energy consumption and environmental pollution problems. Refrigeration and air-conditioning industry as the national policy changes in production methods and adjust the product structure, product mix adjustment from the enterprise can be seen, energy-saving products have become the focus of research and development of enterprise content and the main push products.
In order to achieve the goal of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, all enterprises around the theme of energy-saving environmental protection related activities, in new product development, product design, manufacturing technology, production line technological transformation and increase investment and promotion of equipment upgrades. At the same time, in the production also pay attention to energy conservation, all enterprises are to develop a sound evaluation system, in the capacity increase under the premise of striving to reduce energy consumption, production intermediate links also try to reduce pollutant emissions.
Modern refrigeration industry is in a period of rapid development. In the context of the rapid growth of the market, international competition, energy saving and environmental protection requirements, modern refrigeration technology has made a major breakthrough, but also open up new prospects for development. At present, the energy-saving environmental protection as the main advantage of the rapid development of products, began to be gradually recognized by the market, such as air to water heaters, ice storage air-conditioning and water source heat pump.
China's production of various types of HVAC equipment in terms of equipment or production processes have reached or exceeded the level of Western developed countries, one of the most difficult to solve the problem of corrosion has also been a good solution. In some places even there is only a torch, a screwdriver began to produce the heating of a street, in some places even in a county there are hundreds of production units. And once the vicious price war has exacerbated some of the decline in product quality situation. In order to reduce costs, some companies even reduce the thickness of the material to the standard half or more. Such products in the event of rupture will lead to an explosion, the consequences could be disastrous.
With the HVAC industry continues to develop, the product layout is quietly changing. Low-carbon energy-saving air-conditioning products has become the basic aspirations. HVAC companies continue to use advanced technology to improve the energy efficiency rating of air conditioning products, the development of alternative energy sources and renewable energy use, the development of new refrigerants.

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