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Advantages of Spiral Duct in Ventilation Industry
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At present, most products are widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, purification, bridge dust, airports, tunnels and other construction industry, Jiangyin, a company after years of research and development of advanced technology development of the spiral duct machine has reached the domestic advanced level since the market , Its own excellent performance and low operating costs, in the ventilation, air conditioning systems continue to be applied to promote the volume diameter of 85-1400mm, processing thickness 0.4-1.2mm, the main purpose is as follows:
(1) dust removal system: dust collection and transmission devices, you can use the spiral duct. (2) Exhaust fume system: restaurants, restaurants, hotels have a lot of kitchen fumes generated, the need to discharge, the use of spiral duct is appropriate, good strength, economical and practical. (3) air conditioning system: spiral duct can be affixed to the insulation material, beautiful appearance. (4) bulk material handling: pneumatic conveying system species, some of the smaller particles of some loose material can be used to transport spiral duct, low cost, good effect. (5) ventilation system: to send fresh air and exhaust, the harmful gases from the outside, the fresh air to the room indoors. In general, the flow of ventilation systems are large, requiring the use of less resistance to air ducts in order to save costs and operating costs - spiral duct on the most applicable. In general, the use of galvanized iron pipe, corrosive and particularly humid places using stainless steel tube.
Spiral duct features:
1, the possibility:
(1): the same length, the number of flange connections, honey bee performance is better than the rectangular duct, the system greatly improve the quality of ventilation.
(2): the same thickness and the same diameter, the spiral duct strength.
(3): the same section, the circular duct than the rectangular duct structure tension is reasonable, a substantial increase in duct stiffness, significantly reduce the chattering noise.
(4): duct surface is round, beautiful appearance.
2, fast:
(1): high-efficiency construction, the use of short-term large-scale projects.
(2): no on-site processing operations, reduce on-site operations personnel and management procedures.
(3): mechanized production, fast and efficient.
(4): Compared with the rectangular duct, supporting special-shaped pieces of high degree of standardization, lifting simple, greatly reduce the chance of error.
(5): small diameter spiral duct single lifting point, lifting fast and efficient.
(6): the number of connecting flange, hoisting connection to reduce the workload of about 50%.
3, the economy:
(1): the construction efficiency of lifting than double rectangular duct.
(2): under the same conditions, can be held at low-speed air supply and exhaust into high-speed delivery of exhaust system design can reduce the total amount of duct, not only economical, but also save space.
(3): under the same conditions, full-shaped auxiliary material results are simple, the number of small, installation of auxiliary materials cost reduction of 30%
(4): According to national norms, the same diameter, thickness decreased by 10-15%.

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