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Spiral duct air conditioning in the operation of the project what are the points?
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A, Installation and Operation of Spiral Duct for Cooling.
1. The end of the vent valve should be made of Ω-shaped or T-shaped, the discharge should be towards the safety zone. Between the safety valve and equipment or set off valve, in the course of operation, must be in full open position, and with a seal.
2. The spiral duct shall be provided with a steel casing through the wall or the floor. The weld shall not be placed in the casing. The steel casing shall be flush with the wall or floor or the floor, but shall be 20mm . Of the spiral duct and the casing between the application of insulation or other non-flammable materials filled, and shall not be used as pipe support.
B, spiral duct and dust collector production and installation of operational points
1. Installation dust removal device, should be the correct location, solid and stable, import and export direction must meet the design requirements, the vertical tolerance of each meter should not be greater than 2mm, the total deviation should not exceed 10mm.
2. The inlet and outlet of the spiral duct and the dust remover shall be straight and the ejection tube of the cylinder shall be coaxial with the lower cone of the cone, and its eccentricity shall not be more than 2mm.
3. Spiral duct and dust collector outer diameter or rectangular outer diameter of the allowable deviation should not be greater than 5%, its internal and external surface should be smooth, uniform curvature.
C, fan on the spiral duct installation and operation points
1. Ventilator of the spiral duct of the transmission part of the exposed, there should be protective cover, ventilator inlet or inlet ducts have direct access to the atmosphere, should install protective net or other safety measures.
2. Ventilator spiral duct base if not shock absorption device, and directly placed on the basis of the application of pairs of inclined horn leveling.
3. The inlet and outlet ducts of the spiral duct of the ventilator shall be supported separately and connected firmly to the foundation or other buildings. When the spiral duct is connected with the fan, the flange surface shall not be hard-drawn or boring. , The chassis should not bear the weight of other parts, to prevent deformation.
A, spiral duct on the muffler system to do and installation operation points
1. Mufflers and mufflers shall be provided with separate supports, which shall not be supported by the duct.
2. The choice of sound-proof material should be consistent with the design of water, corrosion, moisture requirements.
3. Silencer sheet monomer installation, fixed end shall not be loose, from the film should be uniform.
4. Muffler perforated plate should be smooth, hole arrangement should be uniform, no burr, the perforation rate should meet the design requirements.
B, hard PVC parts of the wind pipe system to do the main points of operation
1. Fire damper installation direction should be correct, fusible parts should be installed after the installation of the system.
2. Spiral duct installed horizontally, the allowable deviation of each m should not be greater than 3mm, the total deviation should not be greater than 20mm. Vertical installation of the spiral duct; vertical degree of deviation per m not greater than 2mm, the total deviation should not exceed 20mm
3. The installation of various types of tuyres should be smooth, the location should be correct, the rotation part of the flexible, and spiral duct connection should be strong.
4. Support hanging, the bracket should not be set in the outlet, the valve inspection port, the hanger shall not be thrown directly on the flange.
C, air handling room to do and install the operating points
1. Pre-embedded in the brick, concrete air treatment room for the short pipe back should be welded square ribs, spiral duct end should be the preparation of flange or silk mouth, away from the treatment room wall lOOmm-150mm.
2. Metal air treatment chamber of the assembly, should be firmly connected firmly tightly positioned, the spray section shall not leak.
3. Surface or heat exchanger should be kept clean and complete heat dissipation surface.
4. Air spray section inspection door shall not be leaking, the upper condensate water passing should be smooth, condensate rope water shall not overflow.
D. Spiral duct production operation points
1. Spiral duct and flange connection, such as the use of flange size should be 6mm-9mm flanging should be smooth, shall not have holes.
2. Round spiral duct three or four-way, the angle should be 15-60 degrees, the angle of the allowable deviation should be less than l degrees.
3. Spiral duct pipe connections should be used in the form of detachable, the length of pipe section should be 1.8-4.0, welding duct and spiral duct may be appropriate to lengthen.

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